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What if you could disable your device the moment you knew it was compromised? You already can.

Absolute LoJack is the leader in data protection and theft recovery, with the only security solution that both locates your missing device and gets it back to you. Already embedded in your devices' firmware, once activated, the patented Persistence technology can survive a factory reset or hard wipe, allowing the industry's only Investigations and Recovery Team to locate and retrieve your stolen laptop, smartphone or tablet.
A deeper level of protection - and a higher level of confidence


Our Persistence Technology is embedded into the core of most devices at the factory. Once activated, it provides you with comprehensive visibility into all of your devices allowing you to confidently manage mobility, investigate potential threats, and take action if a security incident occurs. Most importantly, you can apply remote security measures to protect each device and the data it contains.
No other technology can do this..

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