Recovery Services

Absolute has been investigating and helping to solve computer crime since 1993. Supported by Persistence technology and the Absolute Forensic Toolset, the Absolute Investigations team has solved thousands of computer crimes around the world.

Collectively, the Absolute Investigations team has over 65 professional certifications. The team includes certified Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioners (HCISPP) and ASIS-Certified Protection Professionals (CPP).

Absolute has achieved the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 certification for its management of recovery services related to security software installed on mobile electronic devices and computers.


The Absolute Investigations team specialize in endpoint investigations for corporate, healthcare, and government organizations. The team also delivers programs to educational organizations to help reduce device theft and promote a safer school environment.

Services include:

  • Endpoint investigations
  • Healthcare investigative services
  • Absolute Safe Schools
  • Customized services such as insider threat detection, device forensics, information security audits, and compliance reviews

Absolute DDS Endpoint Investigations

As an Absolute DDS customer, you can avail of Endpoint Investigations delivered by the Absolute Investigations team. The team will help you:

  • Determine the cause of an endpoint security incident
  • Identify and eliminate insider threats
  • Refine best practices so the same incident does not reoccur
  • Determine if data was accessed during an incident, and whether or not a data breach notification is required
  • Recover stolen devices

Healthcare Investigative Services

Leverage the certified Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioners (HCISPP) on the Absolute Investigations team to perform detailed endpoint investigations, determine the cause of a security incident, recover stolen devices, provide forensic analysis reports and Breach Status Certificates, and determine if sensitive ePHI data was accessed. The evidence collected by the team can help you refine best practices so the same incident doesn’t reoccur.

Absolute Safe Schools

The Absolute Investigations team delivers the Absolute Safe Schools program in three simple steps:



Comprehensive safety training for students and staff including how to use a device responsibly and how to react in a security situation.



On-site awareness campaign including “Protected Campus” signage, safety tips posters, and anti-theft stickers for a safer school environment.



The Investigations team will work with local law enforcement to recover a stolen device. Receive up to $1,000* if the device is not recovered.

*Some conditions apply.

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