• A laptop is stolen every fifty seconds. Get a head start on laptop thieves.A laptop is stolen every fifty seconds. Get a head start on laptop thieves.
5/5 - Peace of mind. A few years ago our house was robbed. The bad guys were seen leaving our house but the police were unable to track them down. We lost three laptops that day. Now all our laptops are protected with LoJack. I have peace of mind that we have a better chance of recovering our laptops and catching the bad guys. LoJack is the product you should have! - Ronald, San Jose California, USA

5/5 - Absolute Lojack retrieved my stolen phone! My phone was stolen right off my desk and Absolute got one of their lead investigators on the case, who was able to track my phone and work with local police departments to retrieve it. I had my phone back in my hands before I even considered replacing it! Without this product, my phone would still be missing and I would've had to purchase a new device. I highly recommend Lojack for Laptops to anyone. You never know what could happen to your valuables and you never know how much you rely on these devices until they are gone and untrackable! - Drew, Santa Monica California, USA

4/5 - LoJack Laptop Support Software. This software came highly recommended by other business associates. I have used the laptop locator often and it's easy to use. So far we haven't had a stolen laptop hopefully won't have to any time soon! - 11224455 , Portland Oregon, USA

5/5 - Recovered in Italy returned to USA. My computer was stolen at the train station in Florence Italy in July 2013. It took some time for the thief to decide to use it. It began sending signals in November and the Absolute team in Europe picked it up. They coordinated with the Florence State police. The rest of the time was waiting for court orders and other legal delays but I received the computer back in April 2014. I personally want to thank Gina of Absolute European Service for keeping me updated on the progress of the recovery. Never expected such a great service at that low price. - BobR, Houston Texas, USA

5/5 - LoJack Eliminates My Fear Of Loss. You only lose one laptop to theft to understand how important it is to have LoJack. Mine was stolen off a Delta airplane by a cabin cleaner as I assisted someone with a wheelchair. I was gone less than two minutes. The Atlanta Airport Police said they take at least three reports a day for stolen laptops. It was a terrible loss, I had just been to a seminar and had tons of important notes. It never turned up. It had a 40 character password so I wasn't concerned about security but it SURE would have been nice to have the computer call, define its location and self-destruct the operating system and contents. LoJack is worth every penny and should be required on all business laptops. - VirgilB, Salt Lake City Utah, USA

5/5 - Very reliable product!! I work in law enforcement and have had several opportunities to deal with the Lojack product. Recoveries are very quick with great support from the Lojack staff. It is well worth the price as opposed to buying a new computer. I also have this product on my own computers as well as computers owned by our Sheriffs Department. - Pete, Morgantown West Virgina, USA
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