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Screen-capture of Laptop or smartphone theft tracking & protection software subscription renewal from Absolute Software.

Famous Last Words

I don't need to renew because...

Excuse:My laptop never leaves the house

Reality: Burglaries account for 60% of all stolen laptops reported to us. We've recovered thousands of laptops that never left the house — until they were stolen that is.

Excuse: I never use my subscription

Reality: And we hope you never have to. But if your house doesn't burn down one year, you wouldn't cancel your fire insurance the next. Time does not improve your odds. A laptop goes missing every 53 seconds. Source: Ponemon Institute, 2008

Excuse: It won't happen to me

Reality: None of the thousands of people we recover laptops for thought it would happen to them either. But it did. Fortunately, they had a plan - they had an active LoJack For Laptops subscription.

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