• This flea market find turned out to be a bad deal thanks to Absolute LoJack.



    • THEFT DATE: April 22, 2014
    • Location: Texas, USA
    • Details: Theft from residence
    • Model: Dell Inspiron
    • RECOVERY DATE: July 02, 2014
    • Location: Texas, USA
    • Absolute Investigator: Dennis L.
    • Criminal Charges: None

    Report: This laptop was stolen from the victim’s residence during a home construction project. A few weeks after the theft, the device connected to the Internet and the Absolute Investigations team began collecting evidence. This case proved a little harder than some, with current information on the suspected user difficult to find. Despite requesting information from the user’s Internet Service Provider and public records, contact information was scarce. The Absolute Investigator prepared the most detailed report possible and transferred it to local authorities. After contacting the suspected user’s family members, police were able to speak with the user and make arrangements to retrieve the stolen laptop, which he claimed to have purchased at a flea market. The user didn’t turn in the device at the scheduled time, but shortly thereafter it was turned into the police station and subsequently, to the owner.

  • Despite a brief hiatus, this laptop soon revealed helpful information for Absolute Investigators.



    • THEFT DATE: March 20, 2014
    • Location: Ontario, Canada
    • Details: Theft from vehicle
    • Model: Toshiba TECRA R950
    • RECOVERY DATE: July 03, 2014
    • Location: Ontario, Canada
    • Absolute Investigator: Steve H.
    • Criminal Charges: None

    Report: The victim in this case reported the laptop stolen after a vehicle burglary. Though it connected to the Internet right away, it quickly stopped and did not reconnect for several months. Information gathered during that brief period was not enough to identify a user, and the case was marked cold for the time-being. When the stolen laptop reconnected in May, the Absolute Investigations team was able to utilize Absolute forensic tools to identify a suspected user and contact information. The Investigation Summary was transferred to local authorities, who elected to contact the suspected user directly. The device was then recovered for the victim.

  • Absolute LoJack leads to the arrest of a known burglar…again!



    • THEFT DATE: April 27, 2014
    • Location: California, USA
    • Details: Theft from school
    • Model: Apple iMac 13,1
    • RECOVERY DATE: May 01, 2014
    • Location: California, USA
    • Absolute Investigator: Gerry H.
    • Criminal Charges: Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property, Possession of Controlled Substances, Probation Violation, Felony while on bond

    Report: The computer in this case was stolen during the burglary of an elementary school. In addition to this device, more than 15 other machines were also taken; only two were protected by Absolute LoJack. When police received the report, they suspected a known thief might be responsible for the burglary. The Absolute Investigations team began monitoring the computer the day after it was stolen and compiled a report for local law enforcement agents. The detective contacted the identified user, who reported the computer had been purchased by his father. The sale was then traced back to the suspected thief detectives believed responsible for the crime. Police conducted surveillance on the suspect and were then able to recover more than 30 of the other stolen devices. The suspect was charged with a multitude of crimes – all this while he was out on bail from a similar arrest just a few years ago!

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