Absolute Persistence Security Software. The Only Solution that Can Survive a Factory Reset.

If your device is stolen, there's a good chance thieves will try to erase the contents by resetting back to factory settings, therefore bypassing all normal security measures. Absolute LoJack's Theft Recovery software is the only solution that can withstand a factory reset, installation of a new OS, even a complete hard drive replacement. No matter which tactic is used, Absolute's Persistence will rebuild itself, providing a constant link between owner and machine. Using investigative procedures and forensic tools, the Absolute Investigations team then gather data from your stolen device that helps local police recoup your property and return it to you.

Patented technology

How does Absolute LoJack withstand the many ways thieves try to remove it and prevent the recovery of your device? Persistence is the key. Absolute Software's patented technology allows your device to continually communicate with Absolute Software, enabling the Investigations team to locate stolen devices and get them back. Here's how it works:

  • Absolute Persistence is built into the BIOS or firmware of a device during the manufacturing process. Once activated, customers who purchase these devices benefit from an extra level of security. View a list of devices that support Absolute persistence.
  • When you install Absolute LoJack, you're installing the Absolute DDS® Agent that will activate Persistence. It is very difficult to detect and is virtually tamper-proof.
  • The Agent will contact the Absolute Monitoring Center via the Internet at regular intervals.
  • When you send a Lock or Delete command from your account, the next time your computer connects to the Internet, the Agent will receive and carry out the command.
  • If your device is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team uses this persistent connection to obtain forensic evidence that will aid local law enforcement in their efforts to recover your property.
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