Your Built-In Plan against Device Theft.

Imagine the relief when your stolen device is recovered and returned to you. Absolute LoJack is the leader in data protection and theft recovery with a proven solution that both locates your stolen device and gets it back to you. The patented Absolute Persistence Technology can survive a factory reset or hard wipe, allowing the Absolute Investigations Team to locate and retrieve your stolen laptop, smartphone or tablet; Sorry bad guys. Our return policy is the best in the business.

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Locate your device (laptops, phones, and tablets) using GPS, Wi-Fi or IP geolocation giving you the tools to see the last location in the event that it goes missing.


Device Lock prevents thieves from accessing your personal information, photos and files until you or the Investigations and Recovery Team secure your equipment. You can also add a customized lock-out message to your device screen.


Activating the delete feature permanently erases files protecting your personal information and preventing identity theft.


Absolute persistent technology cannot be erased or removed and arms the Absolute Investigations team with the tools to find your stolen device and return it to you.

Absolute Lojack

Raising the Bar in Device
Protection and Theft Recovery

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Get back what's yours. Absolute LoJack's theft recovery software for laptops, smartphones and tablets can withstand a factory reset, installation of a new OS, even a complete hard drive replacement. In every instance, the software rebuilds itself and provides a constant link between owner and machine. Couple that with the highly skilled Investigations team and you've got the best chance at getting back your stolen smartphone, laptop or tablet.


starting at $2999 / 1-year

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Absolute Data Protect

Data Protection for Laptops,
Smartphones and Tablets

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Smartphone and laptop theft may be on the rise, but your important files, pictures and sensitive information doesn't have to be compromised if it happens to you. With Absolute Data Protect, you're able to determine the location of your missing device, lock thieves out of your machine and permanently erase files protecting your information and preventing identity theft.


starting at $1499 / 1-year

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